• Updated bird monitor app fixes upload problem

    Our old bird monitors have recently stopped uploading recordings. These bird monitors typically use old Android phones which stopped recognising th...
  • Re-assigning cameras to groups, low power mode

    We have made a couple of small releases to our camera software stack: You can now re-assign cameras to a group without creating a new name Sidekic...
  • New version of Sidekick: simplified interface.

    A new version of the Sidekick App is available. This is used to configure the thermal camera. The new software simplifies the configuration.
  • Distinguishing between rats and mice

    The Cacophony Project team have come up with a cunning algorithm to automatically distinguish between rats and mice.
  • Bird monitor identifying hotspots for morepork and feral chickens

    Norfolk Island are using The Cacophony Project Bird Monitors to create hotspots of various birds, including Morepork and Feral Chickens. These inform and direct their conservation efforts and will enable them to measure progress over the years.
  • View your tagging stats

    You can now see tagging stats - what has been tagged, who did it and where.
  • Add notes to bird recordings

    You can now add notes to bird recordings and flag the recording as requiring review, or cool. Stations with no recordings can now be deleted.
  • Disable trap when cage closed

    A new cage switch disables the high interaction rate trap when the cage is closed.
  • Cacophony Project Trap success with cats on Caymans

    The Cayman Islands have seen that The Cacophony Project high interaction rate traps are 10x more effective at catching cats than cage traps.
  • Filtering and more on bird recordings

    Changes to the bird tagging interface include: audio band filtering to hear only the frequencies you're interested in (very useful), filters to remove automatic tags you are not interested in, fixes to the spectrogram, and allowing the resizing of tags.
  • Human voices automatically deleted from Bird Monitor

    We now have the ability to automatically remove recordings that contain human voices. Also, you can now pin as many tags as you want.
  • 18 new birds and other sounds now recognised by the bird monitor

    The Cacophony Bird Monitor can now recognise human, kiwi, morepork, whistler, generic bird calls, bellbird, black noddy, blackbird,  crimson rosella, fantail, frog, grey warbler, house sparrow, insect, noise, norfolk gerygone, norfolk robin, rifleman, rooster, silvereye, sooty tern, sparrow, white tern. More improvements are on their way.