• Improvements to audio and video tagging: zoom, attributes, search, pinning

    A new software update includes improvements to audio and video tagging, making the process more efficient and precise. Zoom in on a audio recording to see the wave form, add attributes, many more labels and the ability to control which buttons you see. Station locations are now created automatically
  • Bird monitors on Lake Hāwea Station

    Three bird monitors were installed at Lake Hāwea Station to monitor the biodiversity outcomes from trapping and planting of native bush. This includes a description of the carbon positive farming practices used on this high country station.
  • Easier wifi set up and bug fixes

    • Pick a nearby network to connect your camera to a WIFI network.
    • Fixed too many "battery flat" emails
    • Time formats for on/off checked.
  • Software update: Improved bird tagging, Cacophony Index and Morepork tags visible

    A new tagging interface for audio recordings includes a spectrogram enabling you to easily identify the interesting parts of a recording. The Cacophony Index and tags added by machine learning are now visible.
  • New release: Improved visits reporting, more maps

    New software release to the Cacophony Portal includes improved visits reporting, more maps and the ability to listen to audio lures before uploading them to a thermal camera with a speaker.
  • New release: Undelete, password reset, & bug fixes

    Newly released software includes an undelete functionality and the ability to reset your password, along with various bug fixes.
  • Email notifications for flat battery now going out.

    If you are using one of our thermal cameras, then you will have probably noticed that we have rolled out the functionality to send an email when we...
  • See who's tagging, no more duplicates and other improvements

    You can now see who has added tags to your tracks and delete any if you're an admin. Duplicate recordings should now be a thing of the past. Other changes improve speed and reliability.
  • Thumbnails now in emails and bug fixes

    We will be making a small release this week which has a number of behind the scene changes. Thumbnails The first change that is visible to our cust...
  • Updated Sidekick App: Improved reliability

    The team at the Cacophony Project have updated the Sidekick app that is used with our thermal cameras.  The new version, 2.2.2, is only available t...
  • Trap NZ integration and interface improvements

    Significant changes to the way you use and access groups of devices on the Cacophony Project Portal. This includes integration with and a new label: Flagged for review.
  • Save $750,000

    As we increase the manufacturing volumes, we expect the price of our traps to fall significantly.