• iOS Sidekick fully functional with new feature

    In the next day or two we will release a new version of the thermal camera companion app Sidekick for iOS. This is now feature compatible with the ...
  • Recognising Kiwi and Whistlers

    A new software release means our bird monitor will now recognise kiwi, whistler and humans. We also have a new Cacophony Index.
  • A new way of connecting to our cameras

    We have introduced a new way to connect to your thermal camera. The camera now sets up a Wi-Fi hotspot called bushnet that you connect to. You can then use your Sidekick app in the same way.
  • Test recordings and cows

    You can now make a test recording when you're setting up the camera. The camera will also make short recordings at the start and end of the recording window. We have also added a cow tab.
  • iOS Sidekick app now on the app store

    The thermal camera companion app, Sidekick is now available for iOS on the App store. It doesn't have full functionality yet, but you can use it to set up the camera and update its location.
  • Bird monitors now identify birds

    Our bird recognition algorithm now identifies generic bird song. This should help you when you're tagging birds and will help us make a better Cacophony Index.
  • Fieldays with Predator Free 2050

    A summary of the companies exhibiting on the PF2050 stand at Fieldays 2022: NZ Autotraps, Envico, Trap.NZ, Encounter Solutions, eTrapper, Boffa Miskell, and of course The Cacophony Project.
  • Try our new visits dashboard

    Try our new dashboard that focuses on visits. We'd love your feedback.
  • A poem about predator Free NZ

    Find out who wrote this poem about Predator Free NZ and who it is relevant to our mission.
  • Mamaku Point success with trap and cameras

    Mamaku Point in Rakiura, Stewart Island is using thermal cameras and a high interaction rate trap to protect the rare birds on this reserve from predators that make it past the fence.
  • Bulk delete

    You can now delete recordings in bulk. Up to now you could only delete recordings individually. This was painful if you wanted to delete lots of recordings. Now it is easy.
  • Bird song analysis on Banks Peninsula

    An analysis of 38,000 bird recordings taken across Banks Peninsula, showing the relative abundance of birds and morepork.