• Disable trap when cage closed

    A new cage switch disables the high interaction rate trap when the cage is closed.
  • Cacophony Project Trap success with cats on Caymans

    The Cayman Islands have seen that The Cacophony Project high interaction rate traps are 10x more effective at catching cats than cage traps.
  • Fieldays with Predator Free 2050

    A summary of the companies exhibiting on the PF2050 stand at Fieldays 2022: NZ Autotraps, Envico, Trap.NZ, Encounter Solutions, eTrapper, Boffa Miskell, and of course The Cacophony Project.
  • Mamaku Point success with trap and cameras

    Mamaku Point in Rakiura, Stewart Island is using thermal cameras and a high interaction rate trap to protect the rare birds on this reserve from predators that make it past the fence.
  • Save $750,000

    As we increase the manufacturing volumes, we expect the price of our traps to fall significantly.
  • Cacophony traps are catching lots of predators

    The Cacophony trap testing continues and is catching lots of possums, feral cats and hedgehogs. This post shows some of those catches and shares some of what has been learnt from the testing.
  • Pestival on Great Barrier Island/Aotea

    A summary of the Pestival hui on Great Barrier Island, April 2021.
  • Thermal camera finds a stoat at Shakespear Regional Park

    Shakespear Regional Park is an Open Sanctuary at the tip of the Whangaparāoa Peninsula. Managed by the Auckland Council, it is part of a group of p...
  • Refurbished Lime batteries now for sale

    New refurbished Lime scooter batteries are now available to power the trap and thermal camera, saving money and the environment.