Prompt for photo and name of a location

Update: 27 July 2023. This has now been released to the Apple app store for those of us with iOS devices. It should be available over the next 24 hours. Version 1.2.

Update: 21 July 2023. This has been released to the Play Store. This includes a fix to a bug that impacted Android 11 phones.

It's really useful to have a photo and a name for the different locations you are monitoring. The photos help interpret the thermal videos and the names can make it easy to find the videos for a particular location. We introduced this functionality a year ago, but have found it is not widely used because it's easy to forget to take photos and upload them later.

To help with this we have updated the sidekick app to prompt you to take a photo and add a name for a location. This update will be made available to our Android beta customers shortly (note: this is now released to all customers).

How it works

When you update the GPS location of your camera you are given a prompt to take a reference photo and give the location a name. 

Prompt to take a picture

You then press the update button to save this.

Save image and name for a location

You need to be logged in to do this. If your phone has no internet connection you will see a location in the storage tab that can be uploaded when you have a connection, by pressing the upload button.

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