Improved connection mechanism for Sidekick on Android

Update: This was released to all customers on 29 May 2023

After releasing the new version of Sidekick for Android we found a number of customers were having problems connecting to their cameras. We apologise for the inconvenience this has caused. The good news is that we think we've found a solution that is much better. We will be releasing this to our beta customers shortly (update 25 May 2023: this is now released to beta customers) . You can apply to be part of the beta program on the app page.

The new solution uses the wifi network set up on the camera (called bushnet). You simply connect to it by pressing the Connect to wifi iconicon on the top right, 2 minutes after the camera has powered up. The app will then start searching, showing this screen.

Searching for bushnet

When it has found the device it will show this screen

Bushnet found

Simply press the connect button, the press the 'Search Devices' button at the bottom and your camera should appear.

Search devices button at bottom of screen

Please let us know how this goes (good or bad) and if it is working well we will release it to all customers.

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