• DOC AI Camera now available

    2040 Newsletter Kia ora, It's been a while since our last newsletter. The delay has been mainly due to it taking longer than I expected for us to ...
  • New low cost, low power thermal camera

    2040 Newsletter Kia ora, We have exciting updates to share with you in this newsletter. The biggest news i...
  • iOS app, solar for thermal camera, bird recognition and more.

    Thermal camera updates: 

    • A description of how you can power it with solar
    • An iOS version of Sidekick app
    • The ability to easily do test recordings
    • A preview of our new visits dashboard

    Our bird monitor can now automatically recognise generic bird calls.

    A summary of our Fieldays experience.

  • Mamaku Point and Banks Peninsula Case Studies

    This newsletter covers updates across our products

    • Banks Peninsula bird song analysis
    • New functionality for our bird monitors and thermal cameras, including the ability to set up your own alerts.
    • A story of some success at protecting Mamaku Point with our cameras and trap.
  • Thermal cameras, bird monitors and trap updates

    Thermal cameras: research about when they are most cost effective, their accuracy and their ability to detect Dama wallabies. As well as various software improvements, including adding photos to stations, hierarchical tags and recognising penguins
    Bird monitors: software updates that allow you to synchronise bird monitors and change the length of the recordings, as well as being able to upload from SD cards.
    Traps  - funding from 2050, progress on auto-reset, intelligent triggering, and auto kill, along with updates on trials by DOC and Predator Free Banks Peninsula.
  • Thermal camera sale and more updates

    2040 Newsletter Kia ora, I hope you are keeping warm as winter sets in. Personally, I am debating about wh...
  • Audio camera, AI on camera, Software and Trap updates

    • A new product: a thermal camera with a speaker attached to allow easy experimentation with audio lures
    • Software updates making it easier to tag birds in audio recordings and improving the productivity of reviewing thermal videos from our cameras
    • Machine vision on our thermal cameras, allowing a host of innovative applications now the camera knows what it's seeing in real time
    • The Cacophony team have continued their work on their AI powered trap.
  • December 2021 newsletter: Hazing, Bird tagging, software and trap updates

    2 new products: Hazing and camera posts. A bird tagging interface mock up, software updates and the latest on the Cacophony Project traps.
  • November 2021 Newsletter: Battery Meters, Car batteries, Trap updates

    Two new products: a battery meter and a new battery lead allowing you to use a car battery or solar system.

    Product improvements including thumbnails in email alerts

    A update on the Cacophony Traps.

  • July 2021 Newsletter: Automatic ruru identifcation, new UI & a trap update

    We can now automatically recognise ruru. We've made improvements to the portal including TrapNZ integration, and have an update on the trap.
  • Newsletter May 21: Improved trap, finding stoats & wallabies.

    2040 Newsletter Kia ora,  It continues to be a busy time for The Cacophony Project and 2040. We've helped ...