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Kia ora,

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2023. Only 17 years to go to get to our accelerated goal of becoming predator free by 2040.

We have a few updates to share with you in this newsletter. For our thermal camera we have:

  • A description of how you can power it with solar
  • An iOS version of Sidekick app
  • The ability to easily do test recordings
  • A preview of our new visits dashboard

Our bird monitor can now automatically recognise generic bird calls.

We don't have any significant trap updates, except to say that we are continuing to iterate on the auto-kill design and keep receiving reports of success catching cats and rats at Mamaku Point.

We exhibited at Fieldays in Hamilton in December at the PF2050 stand along with NZ Auto Traps, Envico Technologies,, Encounter Solutions, eTrapper, and Boffa Miskell. Read our summary of the innovative technologies these companies are developing to help achieve a predator free Aotearoa by 2050.

Kā mihi nui,
Shaun Ryan
2040 Limited.

PF2050 field days

Thermal camera updates

Solar, iOS, test recordings and a preview

iPhone users rejoice! We now have an iOS version of the thermal camera companion app, sidekick. We are working on further improvements to get full parity with the Android version and then some useful new features will follow to both versions. You can download this here.

We have published a description of how to set up a solar system for a thermal camera. Auckland Council set up something like this at the end of one of their predator proof fences and other customers are either doing the same or thinking about it. It's fairly straightforward to do with off the shelf components and it saves you the hassle of charging batteries. 

We've done some updates to the thermal camera software that let you do a test recording when you're setting up the camera. This update also makes two second test recordings at the start and the end of each day of recording. 

Finally, we've added a preview of our new visits dashboard that provides concise summaries of the animals identified on your cameras. There is still a reasonable amount of work to make this fully functional. In the meantime we would love your feedback. 

We are still having a camera sale.

new dashboard - mamaku

Bird monitor can detect birds

More species coming soon

We have been working on our software to recognise bird calls. We released an interim step where we can identify generic bird calls. It seems to work pretty well.
From this we should be able to make a more accurate Cacophony Index and it simplifies how you tag bird recordings. You can filter your recordings by those that have bird song, click on the tags to hear the recording and then select the bird from a button or using the search box.


We still automatically identify morepork/ruru and are working on identifying more species. The birds we can identify best are those that have plenty of tagged examples. If you would like to automatically identify the birds in your area then please find someone who can identify the birds in your recordings and we will give them access to the tagging interface.

Bird not bird

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2040 Ltd is a social enterprise whose mission is to eradicate predators from NZ by manufacturing and selling open source technology developed by The Cacophony Project.  

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