Monthly thermal camera rental

Monthly thermal camera rental

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This is a great way to try the thermal camera to work out if it suits your needs before committing to buying one. Or if you just need it to solve a one off problem. 

The rental includes

  • 1 camera
  • power supply (if no battery),
  • options for 0, 1, or two batteries, with a charger.
  • A mounting bracket, strap and mounting spike

If power is available nearby then you won't need a battery. If your camera is going to be in a position that is difficult to get to then you may want two batteries so you can carry in a charged battery and swap it over.

There are also options with or without a modem in the camera. If the camera is going to be somewhere with no service or you want to save the cost you can manually upload the files from the camera using the Sidekick app.

We recommend getting two batteries and a modem.

In the future there will be the option of renting the camera with a speaker. This can be used to test audio lures. Please contact us if you'd like this option.

The rental includes one year of storage for your videos, from the last month of the rental. Additional storage can be bought beyond that. It includes the machine vision processing of videos making this cheaper, better, and faster for monitoring predators than other techniques.

If you wish to purchase the equipment at the end of your rental period then at our discretion, we will discount the rental charges off the price.

Freight will be charged separately.