How to replace the cables on the High Interaction Rate Trap

Occasionally you may need to replace the cables on your High Interaction Rate Trap. If they fray or break please contact us at

The cables connect the linear actuator to the blinds.

Remove cables from block

The first step is to remove the cables from the block. Remove the nut from the bolt that slots into the linear actuator and then unscrew the cable guides in the block.


Remove wire guide from frame.

Unscrew the wire guide from the frame. To do this you will need to put the trap on it's side. You may need to use a spanner with an Allen key to loosen the screws.

Remove the blind from the frame

To remove the blind from the frame you have to lift it on a diagonal and pull one end out and then the other.


Remove canvas on the blind

There are 3 screws holding canvas over the blind. These need to be removed to access the point where the cable is attached to the blind.

Loosen the cable in the blind

The cable may be glued into the blind. If this is the case it will need to be loosed to remove it.

Remove the end cap

The end caps are glued in and so the ends will need to be broken off and then hammered out.

Once the endcap is removed you can slide the wire off the blind. You'll need to do each of these steps in reverse to install your replacement cables. The end cap is not needed and it is not necessary to glue the cable into the blind.