View your tagging stats

You can now see how many tags you and others in your group have added. This is for both thermal videos and audio recordings from the bird monitors. You can access these stats by clicking the stats link at the top of the page, or by selecting a group, then clicking on the stats tab. The group stats tab will show you your stats for just that group.

Access your monitoring stats

If you have audio and video recordings for a group you can switch between them. You'll see a list of all the tags that have been made, the total number of each and overall. This is then broken down by which stations/locations had the tags and how many tags have been added by each person.

Description of the tagging stats

You can click on a tag, station or tagger to filter the report. For example, you may want to find out who was the muppet that added the swallow tag.

Swallow: African or European?

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