DOC AI Cam update: low power mode, APNs and bug fixes

We've just released an update to the thermal camera software that is mainly minor bug fixes with one new piece of functionality.

Setting APN

The new functionality lets you set an APN or Access Point Name. This is needed for some providers. You can find out what this is from your provider. To set this you need to connect your camera to Sidekick, click on the general tab, select Advanced, then select Advanced again from the menu, followed by Modem. On this page there is a form to set the APN. Enter the APN and press the Update APN button. You should shortly see the APN in the field above the form.

Low power mode now updates

Cameras in Low power will now update their software automatically when they upload their recordings. If you have a camera in low power mode you will need to manually update your camera once to get this version of the software. 

To do this your camera must be connected to the internet either through it's modem if it has a SIM with data and is in coverage, or by connecting the camera to a Wi-Fi (you can use your phone's hotspot for this if you are in the field). You can manually trigger an update from the general tab, pressing the Software update button.


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