The Cacophony Project’s presentation at Pestival 2019

Last weekend we attended Auckland City Council’s Pestival. It was a great opportunity to find out about the initiatives around Tāmaki Makaurau and meet a bunch of the people involved.

Grant from The Cacophony Project spoke at the Pestival, outlining all the good work they have been up to recently.  This was well received. Jessie Mulligan and Nicola Toki thought it was the stand out presentation. Listen to them discuss it on their Critter of the Week session on Friday: 


In case you missed it, here are the videos that Grant showed

Thermal Camera automatically identified predators 
The video on the left is the raw thermal video and on the right the animal is identified automatically.

The importance of scent trails
This is an experiment showing animals ignoring a chew card on a tree until eventually one finds it and then almost every animal follows the scent trail and chews on the card. Read more here.

Rats everywhere
An experiment showing how much footage a thermal camera captures of rats compared to a trail camera. This shows rats ignoring traps and bait stations. Read more here.

Tracking a feral radio control car

The growth of open source Cacophony Project
A visualisation of the growth of the open source project as more people contribute to it. 

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