Test recordings and cows

We've released a couple of software updates today: Test recordings on the camera and a cow tag.

Test recordings

You can now force the camera to do a test recording when you are setting it up. This is useful for people who want to confirm that the system is working, without waiting for evening to come, or changing the recording to 24/7. To do this navigate to the camera tab and press the test recording button. If your camera is connected you can then go to browse and confirm the video uploaded okay. If it's not connected you can download the recording to sidekick and upload it from your phone when it's connected.

Button to take a test recording

Do a dance in front of the camera.

Recordings at the start and end of the recording window

We now make a 2s recording at the start and the end of the recording window. These will most likely have nothing in it and so you will need to check the show filtered check box in order to see them. In the image below you can see these recordings at 6:47 in the morning and 8:35 at night, with my hedgehog recording in between.

2s recordings are made at the start and the end of the recording window

Customers had asked us for this functionality so they can confirm the camera is recording okay, it hasn't fallen over etc.

In order to get these updates your camera software will update automatically if it is connected to the internet. To force an update you can got to Advanced, About and press the Run Salt Update Button.

How to update the camera software

Cow tag

By customer request we've added a cow tag. Hopefully you've got no beef with that! Let us know if you want any other tags added.

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