Synchronising recordings across bird monitors

We have released a new version (1.10.3) of the Cacophony Bird Monitor Android app. This version allows you to synchronise recordings across bird monitors.

Synchronising recordings

The bird monitor makes recordings at semi random times throughout the day. The schedule for each day is now set by a number called the random seed. This is set to a random number when bird monitor is first opened. The schedule is different for each date, but the same for the same date on different years, so the recordings on Christmas day this year will be the same time as the recordings on Christmas day next year..

You can now change the random seed to any number that you want (the actual number really doesn't matter). This is done under Advanced and then swipe over until you get to the frequency screen below. This means that if you would like to synchronise a set of bird monitors to record at the same time you just set the random seed on all the bird monitors to the same number (and make sure the time on the phones is set to the same time).

Synchronise bird monitors by setting the random seed to the same number

Where to get

You can get this update from the Google Play Store, download it from the GitHub (download, then install the .apk file), or some phones will automatically download it if they are in reception.

 Bug on ZTE A110 phones

We have noticed that some of the ZTE A110 phones (the ones that are rooted) have a bug where they start recording continuously. We are working on a fix to this and will be in touch with the people impacted when this is ready. Apologies for the inconvenience this has caused.



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