Set up alerts for your group/project

We have enhanced our alert functionality so you can now set up alerts for your project/group rather than for just a location/station.


The alert functionality allows you to receive a near real-time email notification when the thermal camera has detected an animal of interest. This email shows the type of animal detected, the location, time and a thumbnail, with a link to view the video.

The email is sent out after the video has been uploaded to the Cacophony servers, and processed. In the example above, the email was sent a minute after the animal was detected. The email won’t be sent if the videos are uploaded via sidekick, or are over 24 hours old.

If a recording would have created multiple emails, then you will only receive one for the first tag that matches. There is also a restriction so you won't receive more than one email alert for the same tag within a 30 minute period. This is to stop your email getting overloaded, for example if there is an animal in a live capture cage.

This may be useful if you are hunting an animal, or if the camera detects a human and you are concerned about the security of your camera.

Up until now, alerts have only been able to be set up for locations/stations. This is somewhat painful if you are moving a camera around every week or so and would like alerts regardless of where it is located.

Setting up alerts for your group/project

This new alert functionality is only available on our new, beta interface: In this new interface we are calling groups projects and stations locations.

Most people will only have one project/group. If you have access to more than one you can select the project that you want to set up the alert for by clicking on the project name on the top left.

To set up the alert click on the My preferences link on the left 

Then click on the Create an email alert button 

Fill out the form and click save alert. Note: you can now change the minimum time between alerts.

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