Re-assigning cameras to groups, low power mode

We have made a couple of small releases to our camera software stack:

  1. You can now re-assign cameras to a group without creating a new name
  2. Sidekick now allows you set the DOC AI Camera into low power mode

Re-assigning cameras to an old group

Up until now we had a requirement that two cameras can't have the same name in the same group. This is because we use the names to identify the cameras when searching for recordings and potentially you would see someone else's recordings.

This created a problem if you lent your camera to someone else, they put it into their own group and then returned it to you. When you tried to put it back into your group you couldn't use the same name as you did before. Most people would create another name that looked similar as a work around.

We've changed this so you don't have to work around, instead you can have the same name as previously when assigning a camera to a group. Hopefully this will simplify the operation of the camera.

The new Sidekick interface doesn't let you change the name of the camera. You can just change the group on the general tab.

Low power mode

There is now an option to put your DOC AI Cam into low power mode. This is available on Android and will soon be available on iOS. You can find this in the general tab.

The software for this is still being finalised and it is not working 100%. There are a number of known issues:

  • At the moment 24 hour recording is not supported.
  • The tracking on the videos isn't working properly. The tracks take up the whole screen. This means some of the classifications don't work accurately.
  • The camera takes a lot more videos than it needs to. This is because we are finalising how sensitive the camera needs to be. During this phase of testing we don't want to miss anything and we will adjust this as we finalise the software.

In low power mode the camera uses about 1/3 of the power. We can see a number of options to improve this further. We don't recommend you use this just yet, unless you want to have a play, knowing that it still buggy.

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