New search and video viewing interface and data export

This week we have released a new version of our search interface, tidied up our page for viewing videos, fixed a few errors and created an easy way to export the data that you’ve collected.

The search interface

The search interface has been simplified, with some of the less used functionality hidden behind an advanced search option. The filters have been moved to the left and the layout of the search results has been tidied up. Hopefully this is all self-explanatory (please let us know if you have any questions). Some of the information is presented in a more user-friendly format. For example, the location is now shown as a link which will take you that location on Google Maps (note we're still not showing camera location yet, but that is being stored and will be shown in a later release).

We have changed the what happens when you click on a recording - the recording is opened in the same window, rather than a new window. The page is also designed to work nicely on the smaller screen of a mobile phone.


If you click on the advanced search, just above the search button on the left then you will see the following options that were available on the previous interface.


Probably the most useful new function is the ability to export the data in CSV format. You can access this by clicking the export function on the top right. This will export the data on the current page directly into a CSV file that can be opened up in a spreadsheet. Previously it was a little cumbersome to do this.

If you'd like to export more than the default 100 results on a page then you can increase this up to 1000 using the control at the bottom of the page. If you'd like to export more than 1000 then you will have to export several pages. Please let us know if you're doing this often and we can look to add functionality to export all the results in your query. 

Interface for viewing videos

The main change to this page is four buttons at the bottom . The functionality of these used to be spread round the rest of the page. These buttons are:

  • label,
  • comment,
  • download, and
  • delete.

The label button gives you the options to label the video as having an animal in a trap, an animal interacting with a trap, a missed track, or cool. The labels are shown at the bottom of the video along with an option to delete them. You can filter your search based on these labels.

Label options

The comment button gives you the ability to add a comment to the video. You can only see comments by pressing the comment button.

The download button lets you download the video to your device and the delete button will delete the video and take you to the next video in your results list.

A special thanks to Sara Coutinho, a open source contributor to The Cacophony Project who specialises in user interface design and whose work was much appreciated for these changes. Thanks also to Jon Hardie who did much of the implementation of Sara's designs.

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