New release: Improved visits reporting, more maps

 The Cacophony team made some updates to the browse functionality yesterday. This included improved visits reporting, more maps and the ability to listen to audio lures before uploading them to a thermal camera with a speaker.

Improved Visits Reporting

The visits reports are probably the most efficient way to read the data coming from the Cacophony Thermal Cameras.  A visits report groups several recordings that are made together and reports it as one visit. It's tagged as the animal that appears most frequently in the set of recordings. This means even if the machine vision makes a mistake on a small number of recordings, often the visits report is still right. 

Before this release you could see visits for a particular camera, or you could select the visits link at the top of the page to see visits for your group of devices. The groups visit reporting had some bugs. These bugs have been fixed, the visits link at the top of the page has been removed and has been replaced with a visits tab on the group page.  This allows you to easily see all the visits recorded across all of your cameras in a group for each night. You can bookmark it and review it very quickly.

Visits report for a group of thermal cameras

To see the detail of the visits just click on on of the visits report and it will expand. For example in the report above from January 25 the 3 hedgehog visits are across three different cameras:

  • TrapCam03 at 10:36 across 2 recordings;
  • TrapCam47 at 12:39 across 2 recordings; and
  • TrapCam01 at 2:39 across 4 recordings.
From here you can view the recordings for any of those visits.

Detailed visits report across a group of thermal cameras

We have also improved the export of the Visits report to a spreadsheet. This can be uploaded to TrapNZ.

More maps

We now show maps in more places, including on the Group, devices tab - showing where all of your cameras are. The device and station pages also show a map of their location.

Map for a group of cameras showing their locations

Map showing where a camera is located

Audio bait recordings can be previewed

We recently released a new version of our thermal camera with a speaker that you can use as an audio lure. The page where you set up the schedule of audio lures to play on the speaker now let's you listen to the audio lures before you upload them.

Listen to audio files before uploading them to your camera.

Full release notes (v1.4.18)

The release included a few other bug fixes. You can see the full release notes here:

  • Removed legacy Visits link in global navigation in favour of new group-level visits summaries.
  • Audiobait files can now be previewed..
  • Group/Device/Station pages now have more maps, and better handling of the tabbed UI on mobile devices.
  • Removed requirement for CORS requests to API server from browse, reduces network overhead and increases responsiveness of browse slightly.
  • Bug fixes:
    • Visits now correctly take into account soft-deleted recordings
    • Retired stations are now linked to unambiguously.
    • Historical recordings from inactive devices or retired stations are now properly accessible.
    • Visits exports now include inactive devices for group

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