Bug fixes, small improvements and documentation about audio tagging.

We've released some small improvements, bug fixes and documentation for the recently released audio tagging functionality.


Zoom in on the frequency axis

We have added the ability to zoom in on the frequency axis of the spectrogram. Sometimes the recording may not have many high frequencies and you can zoom in by changing the sample rate: click the sample rate control button Sample rate control buttonand adjust. When you're happy with the zoom click the Accept sample rate button

Changing the sample rate

Change the colours

You can now change the colours of the spectrogram. This is useful for people that are colour blind and some colour schemes have better contrast for different recordings. This can be a matter of personal preference. To change the colours click the pallet selection button Button to change colours and select the colour pallet that works for you.

Colour pallet options

More birds

As requested by our customer in Norfolk Islands we have added some more bird labels. Please contact us if there are sounds you would like to be able to label and we will add them for you.

Bug fixes

We've fixed a few small bugs that were in our last release:

  • The buttons below the label drop down now show the labels that are selected most often. This should make your tagging more efficient because you can just click a button rather than having to go through the drop down.
    Label drop down box and buttons
  • The volume button now works properly
  • Drawing a box on the spectrogram is easier, particularly around the bottom of the spectrogram and near the volume button
  • The colour of the tags matches those used elsewhere (hovering over the button shows it's meaning):
    Tag added by AI
    green button is tagged by human
    Teal button shows tagged by human and AI

Bird tagging documentation

We have updated the bird monitor manual to reflect the new functionality and created this video showing you how to tag.




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