Introducing Te Kahu Ora

As you may know, during the lock down we were working to adapt our thermal cameras to detect people with fevers. We are continuing to develop this product, with support from a government grant.  We have decided that it's a little confusing to have a fever screening device mixed in with predator monitoring and suppression devices. And so we've created a new brand and website for the fever screening system that we call Te Kahu Ora: The cloak of health.


Thank you to Ngai Tahu for their help with coming up with the name.

We will shortly be starting a blog on this website where we will share updates on how the technology is progressing:

The company 2040 will continue to manufacture, sell and support the both the Te Kahu Ora products and the predator control and monitoring products. A proportion of any profits will go towards supporting the Cacophony Project. The Cacophony Project will continue to develop the Te Kahu Ora and the predator products and all the technology will still be open source.

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