Improved mobile performance, new video player and battery alerts

The team at The Cacophony Project are about to release new features for the portal that is used for viewing thermal videos. The screenshot below shows what this will look like.

interface for reviewing thermal videos

The changes include:

  • The temperature measured in the camera is shown on the bottom left of the screen. This will often be higher than the outside temperature because of the heat generated by the camera's electronics .
  • The box around the animal includes the name of the animal. If the animal has been tagged by a person then this will be shown, otherwise it will show the tag given by the AI.
  • The export function will now show the tracks, with the labels and has an advanced option to select which track you would like included in the export.
    Advanced export option for Cacophony Project thermal videos
  • This interface works better on a broader range of mobile devices, in particular on iOS devices. 
  • When there are multiple tracks the tagging controls for the track that is currently being displayed show automatically. This makes tagging when there are multiple tracks much easier.
  • These changes also use less data storage on our servers - which helps as we are getting more and more people using our cameras.
  • Technical information about the device can be accessed by clicking on the name at the top. This gives you access to the software version, who has access to the recordings, and the events logged by the camera. This is mainly useful if we are ever trying to work out a problem with the camera with you (this was released a while ago).
  • Note: This interface works on all modern browsers, but not some older ones. This shows the browser compatibility, if you're interested.

Easier battery management

We are also hoping to release a new feature that will send you an email if your battery has gone flat. The way this works is the camera logs an event at the end of each night saying that it is going into sleep mode. If the server doesn't receive this event then it will send you an email saying that your battery may be flat. It will only send you this email once until it sees the camera come back on again so you don't receive an email every day if the camera is off for an extended period. 

This feature should help with your battery management if your camera has a connection. It means you don't have to remember when you last charged, or notice when you don't have any videos.

At the time of writing this feature was still being tested and so it's release may be pushed out a few weeks.

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