Fever screening software update: improved usability and accuracy

The team of Cacophony Engineers has been busy updating the software on the thermal cameras that are used to detect elevated body temperature. 

Here are the major changes that will be included in the update:

  • The old version of the software would stop for a minute every 5 minutes indicating it is calibrating and showing a snowy screen. This now happens every 10 minutes and only takes 10s. In order to do this the camera needs to be able to see a portion of the room that isn't changing often (ie doesn't have people walking past it). One way of doing this is to have the camera a little lower and angling up, so the person being screened is shown on the bottom half of the screen. This means the camera is operational 98% of the time now.
  • There are audible beeps when the camera detects a person at normal or high temperature.
  • We have removed the yellow and blue states to simplify the experience. So now there is grey when nothing is detected. Green when normal, red when elevated and purple if very hot.
  • There is an ability to crop out part of the image - this can help avoid situations where a coffee cup or sausage roll will be detected.

  • The wifi set up is improved - you now see a list of the available networks.

  • We have improved support for those that would like to use multiple screens. When you calibrate on one screen then all the other screens use that calibration. This is useful if you have a screen that the people in front of the camera can see and another that is used by supervisor - who could even be in another room.

  • We have improved the algorithms for interpreting the data and calculating a temperature. This means that it is more accurate and less likely to drift.
  • We have introduced a setting screen that you access by clicking the cog icon on the top right. This shows version information and allows you to specify how you are measuring the temperature when you are calibrating. At the moment we don't do anything with that information but we will use it in the future during calibration.

This update will be rolled out manually. We will be contacting all the existing customers to co-ordinate this. Next week we hope to do this automatically.

Please don't hesitate to contact us (sales@2040.co.nz) with any questions or suggestions as we collectively work to keep our people save and keep COVID-19 out.

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