Create email alerts - near real time.

You can now create your own email alerts when specific animals are detected. Up until now you had to ask us to set this up for you. A new interface allows you to set these up yourselves.

These are set up on a per location (station) basis. To set these up navigate to the station page and click on the Alerts tab.

Creating an email alert

In the pop up box simply select the species/tag that you would like to receive alerts on.

select a tag to create an alert

You will then receive an email whenever a recording is uploaded and the machine recognition algorithm adds the tag you specified, or any of the tags below it in the hierarchy. For example if you selected the mammal then you will get alerts for any mammal.

The alerts are sent out in near real time. In reality this will probably still be a few minutes because the animal needs to trigger the recording. Once the recording has recording it needs to be uploaded and then processed before the email is sent out. If the camera is not connected then alerts will not be sent out for videos uploaded from Sidekick. It will also not be sent out if the recording is over 24 hours old.

If a recording would have created multiple emails, then you will only receive one for the first tag that matches. There is also a restriction so you won't receive more than one email alert for the same tag within a 30 minute period. This is to stop your email getting overloaded, for example if there is an animal in a live capture cage.

You can remove an alert by clicking on the trash icon next to the alert on the alerts tab, or by clicking on the "remove this alert" link at the bottom of the alert email.

email alert


You can view the recording by clicking on the image or the "view recording" link in the email.

You can set up alerts for thermal cameras, or bird monitors. At the moment the only AI tags for bird monitors are morepork/ruru.

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