Change your display name on Cacophony browse

The Cacophony team have released a small change to the way the usernames and logins work. We've made this because many people chose a random username (like Skynet) then when you see that username tagging, you have no idea who it actually is. Up until now there was no way to change that.

We've now added the ability to change user names, or display name as we now call it.  As part of this change we now require your email address to log in to either the web portal or Sidekick.

You can change your display name by clicking on the edit icon Edit iconby your current display name on the browse home page. This name will be shown in the tagging info - if you have added any tags, or in the list of users for a group.

Change display name

To add someone to a group you must know add their email address, rather than their username.

We hope this change will take out a little confusion and make working with the Cacophony Browse a little easier. Many thanks to Bruce from the Auckland Council for the suggestion.

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