Bird monitors now identify birds

We've just pushed out a release to our bird recognition algorithm that now recognises generic bird calls and marks them as a bird. We will still continue automatically identify morepork/ruru.

This is a step towards identifying species. We have released it because we think it will have a couple of different uses:

  1. We will be able to make a more accurate Cacophony Index. Our plan would be to calculate an index which would be the percentage of recording that contains birdsong. We are working on this now.
  2. It should make it easier for those of you who are tagging bird recordings. You can filter your recordings by those that have bird song, then click on the tags and select the tag from a button, or using the search box.

An example of a bird recording where the bird song is automatically identified.

This is a work in progress and we should expect it to get better. We are also working on identifying some new species based on the tagged data we've got. We are hoping to soon be able to identify kiwi and Australian Golden Whistlers in addition to generic birds and morepork. The more recording you tag, the more species we'll be able to identify with higher accuracy.


  • Please approve our application for approval to add posts to our forwarding to our Friends of the Blade page. Thank you very much

    Colin Hewens
  • This is a very useful development which will make all care groups more efficient in their monitoring of NZ bird sounds in their areas.

    Colin Hewens
  • Thanks for sharing this good news

    Colin Hewens
  • An interesting development to which Fiona and the bird monitoring volunteers could possibly add their input? Maybe of Australian origin.


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