Add notes to bird recordings

We continue to add features to our bird tagging interface. Some of these improvements also impact the video interface.

The main changes we've made are:

  • The ability to add notes, mark a recording as needing a review or cool
  • The ability to remove stations that have no recordings
  • Some bug fixes

Adding notes to recordings

We've added a new section to the bird recording page that allows you to add a note, or label a recording.

Add a note to a bird recording

To use this, simply type in your note and hit submit. If you'd like to add a label choose either cool, or requires review then press submit.

Choose cool or requires review label

Monty Python swallow question

You can delete the notes and or labels by clicking the Trashcan - delete icon. Recordings with notes and labels will show up in the search results .

Recordings with notes are shown in search results

You can also search for recordings with labels or comments using the Advanced search, and select from the Tag Type box. [show image]. 

Filter recordings with notes, requires review or cool

The notes and labels will also be included when you export search results to a CSV file.

Notes are exported in the CSV files

Remove stations

We've added a new feature that lets admins remove stations that have no recordings. This is useful when you accidentally create a video or audio recording with the wrong location, or you may have done some test recordings somewhere that is not your main area of monitoring.

If you have a recording where the location was 0,0 then the map of your stations may look like this. You can zoom into the area you're interested in, but it's much more useful to not have to do this.

Station at 0, 0

Now when you delete the last recording from a station you are asked whether you would like to delete the station.

Would you like to delete the station?

You can also remove stations with no recordings if you go to the stations tab of your group page.

remove stations that have no recordings

After the stations without recordings have been deleted the map of your stations is much more useful.

Map after deleting stations

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