A poem about predator Free NZ

This is a little random but I thought I'd share this poem about predator free NZ. I'll tell you who wrote it at the end of the post and why it's kind of relevant to our mission.

Predator free New Zealand,
A land of beauty and peace,
Where native birds sing their songs
And roam without fear of release.
The kiwi wanders through the forest,
The tui chirps in the trees,
And the kakapo stretches its wings
In the warm summer breeze.
No longer do cats and rats and mustelids
Prey on the creatures of this land,
For the people of New Zealand
Have joined together to make a stand.
They've worked to protect and restore
The habitats of every kind,
And now the land is thriving
With a rich and diverse life.
So let us celebrate this victory
And continue to fight for the right,
To keep New Zealand predator free
And preserve its natural light.

Who wrote the Poem?

The author of the poem was a new AI program called ChatGPT - I just asked it to write a poem about predator free NZ and that's what it came up with. I think that's pretty cool, even if it did miss the toutō on kākāpō and fact it's flightless.

This is kind of relevant to our mission because I believe AI will be an important part of the toolkit for us to get to Predator Free 2050. ChatGPT shows the rapid advances this technology is making.

Have a play with it - it is very cool.


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