Hierarchical tags - you can now tag stoats, rats, etc!

These changes will be released in the next day or so.

Tagging with hierarchical tags

Up until now we have grouped together animals that were difficult to distinguish on the thermal videos. This included:

  • mustelids: stoats, weasels & ferrets 
  • rodent: rats & mice
  • leporidae: rabbits & hares

Customers have asked that we change this so they can tag at a more granular level. In particular, sanctuaries that have mice would like to be able to tag rats if they can identify them. In response to these requests we have added this functionality and changed the tagging interface a little. 

To access any tags that aren't shown as buttons, there is now a search box. You can either start typing a tag, or select one from the pop up box. 

New interface for selecting or searching for tags.

To see tags lower in the hierarchy, click the double arrow symbolsymbol. For example, this is what you see under mammal. 

mammal list

You scroll to see more, or click on the "all" link to go back to the top level. Once you've made a selection you can create a button for that tag by clicking the pin iconto the right of the search box. If you already have a button for that tag, then clicking this will remove the button. Pinned buttons are only stored on your device, so if you access this through more than one device you will have to pin buttons on each device.

Create a button for a tag by clicking the pin icon

At the moment we won't be adding any new animals to our machine learning models. For example, this means if you tag an animal as a rat then the machine learning will treat it as a rodent. 

The same hierarchical tags are also available for tagging audio recordings. We have added new tags for frogs and river/sea.

Audio hierarchical tag interface

Searching with hierarchical tags.

Searching for tags hopefully works as you expect. On the recordings page you can click the advanced search link and type in a tag, or select it from the pop up box as described above.

Interface to select a tag to search for

If you search for a tag that has tags underneath it, then recordings with that tag or any of the tags underneath it will be returned. If you check the Exclusive tag search box then it will search exclusively for the selected tag(s) and not the child tags. For example if you search for mustelid then you will get recordings tagged with mustelids, stoats, ferrets, and weasels. However if you check the Exclusive Tag Search box then you would only see recordings tagged with mustelids.

One subtle change to the search is if you've overridden an AI tag then the AI tag won't be returned in the search results, unless you specifically filter the results to see only recordings that have AI tagged as. For example, if the AI classified a track as a possum and you corrected it to say it was a cat, then that recording won't be shown when you search for possums, unless you have the "AI tagged as" filter on.

Selecting the AI tagged as filter


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