Trap and sound lure experimental platform

Trap and sound lure experimental platform

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This product is designed to be the most flexible way to test animal behaviour to refine what combination of lures and traps are most effective. The tool is designed to be used in the field and includes the following features:

  • The thermal camera with machine vision: The most sensitive predator detector
  • Sound lure experimental hardware and online interface
  • Online analysis tools
  • Flexible data retrieval - WiFi, mobile network, walk-by
  • Robust and waterproof
  • Remote automated updates
  • Highest catch rate trap to allow accurate experiments - animals that have learned response are not left behind. This is an open architecture trap that works on all small predators including rats, mustelids, possums, hedgehogs
  • Double catch trap to allow recently caught live animal to act as a lure
  • Microphone - to record sounds that may act as lures
  • AI running in real time to support responsive experiments (i.e. if animal does this then  do this)
  • Remote trap trigger
  • Flexible I/O ports for interacting with other hardware (e.g. automated food dispenser)

This device has been designed for scientific experiments to be run at Landcare (subject to receiving funding)

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