Thermal Camera to detect elevated body temperature
Thermal Camera to detect elevated body temperature
Thermal Camera to detect elevated body temperature

Thermal Camera to detect elevated body temperature

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This thermal camera detects elevated body temperature automatically.

This camera was designed in response to the COVID-19 outbreak. It offers essential and general workplaces a tool to easily screen staff, patients and customers, identifying any that may have an elevated body temperature, indicating a fever.

It is fast and non-intrusive, working  from several meters away without the need for close contact with the person being screened.

The camera output, including temperature reading, can be displayed on the screen of any WiFi connected device. This includes the detected forehead temperature, with a simple green background indicating normal, and red for elevated.

The system itself does not collect personal information and the camera output is not recorded or stored - it is a support tool for immediate decision making.

"Very positive feedback from staff RE having temps taken by the paramedic and now your machine. This gives reassurance" - Inspector Kieren Kortegast, Centre Manager, Southern Communications Centre, New Zealand Police

The camera is currently being tested at various institutions with help from the New Zealand Government’s innovation agency, Callaghan Innovation. We expect the most suitable locations for this would be those that have large staff numbers, or lots of interaction with the public:

  • hospitals and other medical facilities
  • supermarkets
  • banks
  • police and other government departments
  • airports

Warning: Not all infectious people have a fever and so this must be used in conjunction with other health and safety practices to minimise the spread of COVID-19.

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The camera needs a tripod (sold separately), but it will attach to any standard tripod. There is also the option of a battery if you need to use this somewhere where there is no access to power. There will be a monthly fee for software updates, online reporting and support. The details of this are still being worked out.

The camera is waterproof and so can be easily washed with soapy water. Its software can be updated remotely and you should expect to see updates regularly. There is a team of engineers working to improve the camera.

You can find the manual for the camera here. Check out the latest news about the thermal camera for detecting elevated body temperatures.

The camera was developed by The Cacophony Project with the help of Callaghan Innovation, the MedTech CoRE and clever people across New Zealand. It is a re-purposed version of the thermal camera for predator detection.