Sound lure experimental and trap evaluation platform

Sound lure experimental and trap evaluation platform

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This product is based on the Thermal Camera with machine vision and has the following additional features:
  • Waterproof speaker
  • Online tool for uploading sounds and setting up sound experiments

If you want to be able to compare the effectiveness of different sound lures on predators this is the best tool on the market for allowing rapid experiments. It combines the most sensitive predator detection tool with an online experimental set up tool to allow rapid testing of lots of different sounds.

This can also be used for measuring the effectiveness of different traps. This is the best tool for doing this because of the sensitivity of the camera, combined with the machine vision and cloud storage. Infrared trail cameras will not capture smaller predators, will miss a lot of larger pests like possums and will require a many hours of video footage to be manually viewed. For more information read a summary of the research by Lincoln University comparing thermal and infrared cameras for possum detection. Being able to access videos via the cloud is also much easier than needing to retrieve and keep track of memory cards

This product is currently available with a lead time of several weeks.